9 Jun. 2021

Top 11+ UX/UI Design Trends for 2021

Just as nothing is persistent in this constantly changing world, the field trends in UI/UX that used to last for a couple years are now alternating every year. In some events a trend which was in red hot fashion just a few months ago might be out-dated in the current time. Which makes the utmost priority of the UI/UX or even graphic designers to keep up the ongoing trends that customers are leaning towards. In this article we’ll come across some UI/UX design trends to watch in 2021.

Motion Graphics

It’s no hidden secret that we understand visuals more than text. Moreover, message conveyed in a video is more impactful rather than multiple photos. So, it won’t be incorrect to proclaim that motion graphic has more influence. Same conception is applicable to UI/UX. Whether it is mobile user interface or UI/UX for web-based application, motion graphics have been proven to entice one’s eye and enhances the overall quality of user interaction.


Dark Mode

The trend of dark mode had seen a generous spike in trend in the past couple of years and which is also expected to continue for a decent amount of time yet. Dark mode simply denotes that it would be crafted of black (dark) covering the majority of a UI with white (light) text on it. Well, it’s not in trend just for that reason, it also has several other amazing pros too. Like it reduces the luminous glare on while with retaining the minimum colour contrast ratios also the text emerges as better in readability resulting in a completely pleasant experience for the eye. Apart from diminishing the strain for eyes, it also consumes less battery.


Glass morphism and Neomorphism

Neo Morphism

The former year a vogue was observed in Neomorphism concept in 2020 UI design trend. The conception was that it was a blend of skeuomorphism and flat design. Mutually these effects contradict each other providing an immersive user experience. Complete combination background colour with gradients and highlights/shadows is found in the same to provide graphical intensity to buttons and switches. A remarkable 3D like effect can be achieved by Neomorphism.

Glass Morphism

Even though the Neomorphism remained neutral in the UI/UX trends in 2021, a parallel yet different UI effect joined the trend flow. Transparency through a blurry effect/blurred background gave a frosted-glass feel. The element in glass morphism seems like it is places on the other side of the glass. User encounters the elements like they are visible through a glass barrier or glass surface.

Large and Bold typography

Sometimes a slogan or a catchy line can be more effective rather than some high-end design. Large and bold typography is proven to play chief role in product design where the core of UI/UX design interface can be based on right selection on fonts and size to extract crazy results. Use of standout text have witnessed noticeable trend in the past sessions. Users these days are attracted towards big taglines, majority seems to ignore the lengthy paragraphs. So, you see enveloping large typography can help user realize that the interface might be beneficial to them and can find what they are looking for.

Gradient and Backdrop

Smooth Gradients

Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple and even Google have helped this already hit trend in application user interface design become a more influencing effect. Application of this UI/UX effect trend can be seen in the latest icons of the Google and Apple MacOS applications. Initially, 2 to 3 colours were used but nowadays UI/UX designers are using up to 10 different colours to design gradients.

Colourful Backdrops

Now this is trend that is absolutely delightful to user eye. Significant use of colourful backdrop, more like blurred background to keep the main focus on content yet graphics showing their identity.

3D Illustrations

What is appeals better than a picture that seems coming out of the user frame looking more immersive than ever. 3D is everywhere and the trend is likely to continue or even grow in UI/UX in 2021. Three-dimensional structures not only help fill the screen effectively it also amazes the user interface. Now, when it easy then ever to create 3D designs, UI/UX designers tend to lean more towards this effect.


Minimalistic & micro-interactions

Minimalistic UI/UX

Sometimes when there is a need for user to focus on the content, the crowded UI/UX interface can be overwhelming for the user. So, to keep the user engaged minimal use of elements and overloading is prevented keeping the interface simple and minimal.


When you double click on Instagram a heart animation pops out on the picture. Well, that’s a pertinent example of micro-interactions. Moreover, Facebook reacts and YouTube likes and many more such features provide a user some engaging experience. This is a big trend in U/UX to watch out for in 2021.

Voice UI

VUI (Voice User Interface) saw a high positive curve in the trend in the recent times. In this pandemic when we were locked in our homes, watching our mobile screens all day we tend to get tired/bored of the screen. That’s when VUI comes into picture. Interactions with the interface using human language has amused used since past few years. Furthermore, it tends to have a natural voice based control and interface, enabling the technology understand human language. It definitely looks like the next big thing in UI/UX Design Trends.

Animated Motions

Graphical representation has always been more effective than textual form. When a mobile user interface has a graphical animate motion the user experience for the product seems more appealing, making this a trend continue in 2021 as well.

Frictionless Onboarding

First impression matters a lot in UI/UX too. When users open the, app high resolution graphics and images along with a smooth and flawless user experience ensures a persuasive onboarding. Remembering passwords and re-entering them again and again in the application can give a negative impact to the user. To guarantee a leisurely experience their frictionless authentication is also as important.

AR/VR Space

Although this is just the starting of this UI/UX trend, it is expected to have a huge hold on user interface in the future. Augmented and Virtual reality can give a user experience like never before. With the high demand of AAA games this trend surely has a generous hold over the UI/UX design trends in the future as well.

Design With Expedite

Lately the world we are living in, is currently undreamed-of without the addictive internet. Although the techie world cannot depend on any internet but high quality and generously fast internet. The high-speed internet also has a positive impact on UI/UX world, as it helps websites and mobile application to run smoothly. Well, every positive comes with a some negative. As the new and high-end trends are on go, the added extensions and elements to the UI/UX design can bring down the speed of the website. Although there are tools available to optimize the fast and flawless streaming of the websites UI/UX designers tries to keep the attachments low and reduce the element size wherever possible.

These were just the some of the expected trends to look out for in 2021 in the UI/UX world. Although minimalistic and 3D animations & motions will have a better hold on the trends, other trends would also grow in the upcoming phases.

  • By : Rudra Patel