22 Feb. 2023

Template VS Customized Websites

We often use the terms “Template websites” or “Customized websites” in the world of social and digital media marketing but as often as that we tend to ignore their connotation. It is vital that we recognize the meaning of these terms before we go ahead and use or apply them.

It isn’t any sort of breaking news that the world is majorly operating through online platform these days, especially the post-COVID world. It has hence become necessary that we get used to it and the norms that come along. Websites have a leading role to play in everything that you see online.

Companies, apps, social causes, and even people, everything and everyone need a website to promote and market either products or ideas. Websites are built to represent your thoughts and creations in a light of your own. Hence, it can be firmly said that websites are core to everything online and it is very essential how the viewer finds it. Does he or she find it attractive or horrible? Do they find it eloquent or vain? Does it in any way feel endearing or obnoxious?

A website has to evoke some kind of emotion from the viewer after they visit it and expectantly a positive one. Thus, you have to take care of everything that is uploaded on your website. Two major parts of any website are: a) Design and b) Content. When a viewer first opens up any website, the first thing that they would note is the design. The first impression of the website should be distinctive. If they find the design attractive or interesting enough they would continue to read the contents otherwise they would just skip everything and move on to the next website swiftly as if they never even crossed your page. Hence, your website’s design should be interesting enough to hold the viewers’ interest and that is why it is very important to choose wisely keeping your needs in mind.

When we talk about template websites, we talk about a predesigned-layout that has a fixed structure and a certain amount of fixed features. These types of templates are provided by various suppliers online and it makes it a lot easier for web-designers to design a website. They have to put lesser efforts and gain possibly better outcomes if they are still new at designing. You can insert and drop images and logos and edit some of the basic structure that the template allows. The downside is that there is only so much editing or changing in the structure that you can do if you decide to go with the template.

Now when we say customized website, what we mean is a website that has unique and exclusive features, design and structure. You can add and subtract images, patterns and pages from it as much as you feel appropriate or needed. As compared to template website, you don’t have to worry about changes being limited. You can set a preference and select themes as per your liking. Moreover, the structure and design can be made to suit the needs of the business that the website intents to promote creating a better impact on your goals.

A customized website turns out to be more expensive when compared to template website. Also, the making of a customized website takes longer and the efforts that the designer has to put in are more. Thus, it has its disadvantages but it also has advantages. For example, a customized website will help your business grow bigger and more rapidly. Your site will bloom. Hence, it depends on the need of the website owner. If it is a growing business and if the resources allow it, one should opt for a customized website. On the other hand if the goal is to invest less and yet have a good structured website, template website is a good option too.

  • By : Rudra Patel